Do you need a Medical Practitioner or Therapist?

Whether it's a speech and language therapist, an occupational therapist, paediatrician or dietician that you are looking for, we have a team of healthcare professionals within our clinical network.

At Assure Health we are confident that we are working with a team of professionals who aim to get the best outcome possible.

We are a multi disciplinary network of clinicians working under the banner of Assure Health.

All members have access to an online management system, with electronic clinical records, easy referral pathways to others within the group.

An online payment system, reducing the need to raise invoices , access to weekly conference calls to support continued professional development and forums for clinical discussion. Conference calls are set up and coordinated by Assure Health, at the request of its' members.

To be in the network, clinicians are recommended by two other clinicians within their profession, and are monitored by feedback from their service users.

Each clinician is their own boss, they set their own fees dependent on their experience and specialist interests, Members are encouraged to share leaflets, which are branded for others within the network.

The concept is simple.

  • We understand the need to be seen by the right person at the right time and in the most cost effective way.
  • We aim to attract the best healthcare professionals possible, and to uphold a reputation of quality and effectiveness.

  • We provide a complete clinical management system on line, allowing healthcare professionals to operate in the most effective and secure way. This allows them to concentrate on their clinical work rather than administrative tasks.

  • Our ultimate commitment is that we would recommend a member of our network of professionals to our own family and friends.


If you are a patient looking for a specific therapy, we have a wide range of professionals within our clinical network.

Our teams offer the latest assessment and therapeutic approaches to ensure that we achieve the best clinical outcome, as effectively as possible.

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Healthcare Professionals

At Assure Health we believe...

That by working in collaboration with other professionals in the network, you will feel confident that you can access support when you require it. In addition, your clients can be provided with the reassurance that the service you offer is recognized as part of an audited, quality assured team of professionals.

There is no need to keep reinventing the wheel. We will provide you with a range of templates and support materials to help your business run smoothly.

We will provide you with an online clinical management system, with electronic medical records and online payment system.

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Here at Assure Health we have extensive experience in the delivery of high quality services to both Healthcare and Educational settings.

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